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Don’t be afraid of the dark

16 October 2015 5:00 pm

Join us for an obscure evening of weird and wonderful happenings as part of Middlesbrough’s Don’t be afraid of the dark.

Throughout the evening we’ll be offering shadow workshops led by local artist Jackie Steven and torchlight tours of our collection stores.

Novelist and artist Richard Milward will also be unveiling a new painting, Electro Steel Corpsing, the first in a series of ten called ‘Luddites’ Nightmares’ to be exhibited across the UK over the next twelve months. Milward’s paintings take inspiration from the technophobic, sledgehammering, knitting-frame-obliterating Luddites who worked 200 years ago.

Each one presents a different ‘nightmare’ that exposes and ridicules the ways in which modern technology encroaches on and distorts everyday life. Based on Rembrandt’s ‘The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp’ (1631), ‘Electro Steel Corpsing’ is a vision of private healthcare in the future that takes its name from Electro Steel Corps., the calamitous assembly-line firm Chaplin works for in ‘Modern Times’.

He’ll also be reading a passage from his short story ‘The Gongs’ and screening the 1936 Charlie Chaplin film, Modern Times, within the Localism exhibition.

Don't be Afraid of The Dark Fri 16 Oct Middlesbrough Town Centre #1.

An example of shadow workshops:

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