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Georgina Starr: I, Cave

7 April 2015 - 28 May 2015

Georgina Starr, I, Cave (The Lleu Llaw)

I, Cave is a new solo exhibition from British artist Georgina Starr. Starr’s early works brought her to international attention in the 1990s, and since then she has developed a distinct language through the use of video, sculpture, performance, writing and sound.

Please note that this exhibition will be showing until 7.00pm on Thursday 28 May, however the de-install will begin at 4.30pm, with visitors welcome to see the exhibition and all its works during this time. This is a unique opportunity to see how we operate behind the scenes.

I, Cave

From her early studies in ceramics and sculpture, through large-scale, multi-layered moving image installations and performances, Georgina Starr has been engaged in a re-imagining of identity, biography and history. The viewer is challenged to re-examine the self, the subconscious and its ever-morphing biographies through a glittering and melancholic theatre of memory, history and recollection.

I, Cave sees Georgina Starr explore new relationships to the images, objects, words and sounds which are present in her many ongoing works. This alchemical process of transformation is at the centre of these works, and this has guided Starr back to a series of tracings which she made in a Tanzanian cave over two decades ago. These tracings have brought Starr ever closer to the historical, political and mythological etymology of her preoccupation with the ‘bubble’. For Starr, “the bubble is the beginning of everything. It’s the first breath, the first word and the first sculpture. The bubble is a world, an orb, a globe, a womb, a screen, a moon, a sun and a crystal ball. It is also a voice, the speaking aloud of what is inside. The bubble is feminine. When the bubble is chewed it becomes a spell which can transport and transform.”

I, Cave takes the visitor on a complex journey; travelling through cosmic vaults and labyrinthine interiors to confront doubles and encounter ‘the mothers’ through Starr’s new moving image work, The Birth of Sculpture, 2015.

As part of this new project Georgina Starr has invited the female gallery assistants at mima to play an active role in the installation. Acting as Starr’s double or ventriloquial agent they will channel words, voices and sounds into the gallery space. These words typed by the assistants will become unique artworks offered to visitors of the exhibition.

Opening performance

The exhibition installation provided the backdrop for Georgina’s ambitious and elaborate I, Cave Opening Ceremony that marked the opening of the her exhibition.

Drawing on her multiple interests, she choreographed a ceremonial procession in which the audience effectively became part of the performance ceremony. An ensemble cast, each carrying a highly symbolic object, led visitors though the central atrium to the second floor gallery.

Georgina Starr

Georgina Starr’s work has been shown in acclaimed galleries worldwide. Recently Starr’s works have been displayed at Tate Britain, The Drawing Room, De La Warr Pavillion, Cooper Gallery, Glasgow International, Centre Pompidou-Metz, and FRAC Franche-Comte.

Each of Starr’s bodies of works comes with distinct references, characters, themes and soundscapes. These works include the conjuring the voices of demons and spirits for guidance (I am the Medium, 2010); unearthing the long forgotten gestures of silent movie stars through the use of orchestral soundtracks (THEDA, 2007-2014); revealing the shifting identities of strangers through psychological assessment and psychic phenomenon (Getting to Know You, 1995); exploring Starr’s own personal history through the relationships shown in 1960s film fiction (The Bunny Lake Series, 1999-2003); and fathoming the depths of the abyss in search of a double (Le Cerveau Affamé, 2013-present).

Visit Georgina’s website to find out more

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Images of the exhibition

If you didn’t get to our opening celebration then have a look at some of the pictures from the night:

Photography © Paul Noble and Colin Davison

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