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Anyone for a Sour Brexit soda?

9 June 2016

Director Alistair Hudson is serving Sour Brexit soda at the café this Saturday as part of the opening of the exhibition If All Relations Were to Reach Equilibrium, Then This Building Would Dissolve.

At 2.45pm he gives away Sour Brexit soda, as well as badges, stickers and posters created by artist Kathrin Bohm’s Company Drinks, from behind the bar of the café. The new beverage is the sourest concoction you could ever wish for in reference to the revolting taste of life outside the EU. Each bottle features a label designed by An Endless Supply and photographic portraits of innocent Europeans (including Hudson) gurning in response to the first sip of Sour Brexit.

Kathrin Bohm:

The EU-UK referendum countdown will commence on Wednesday 1 June with the launch of a prominent billboard at Eastside Projects, with campaign artwork designed by Böhm. A new artwork, slogan, call to action or event will then be launched each day until the referendum on Thursday 23 June, including a Brexit Drinks Bar (serving up the new range of Sour Brexit sodas created by social enterprise Company Drinks) at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, a symposium at Goldsmiths, University of London organised by VOTE ART, a talk by Another Europe is Possible at Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union, and a series of debates devised by artist Scottee aimed at demystifying the referendum debate for ‘confused, nonplussed and apathetic voters’.

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