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Collection Reflection: Andrew Logan

17 June 2020 12:30 pm

Image: Image: MIMA © Andrew Logan

Andrew Logan, Oxford, England, 1945, Wing earrings, 1991

Resin, glass and plastic beads, mirror shards, glitter, metal earring clips

Andrew Logan is a distinctive sculptural artist known for pushing the boundaries of art, gender identity, fashion and performance. His career has spanned numerous platforms including stage design, painting, sculpture, interior design, festivals and parades.

He gathers inspiration from his travels to different countries, describing his life as an “artistic adventure” – a constant journey of discovery through his creative endeavours.

In the 1970s, Logan founded the Alternative Miss World competition which welcomes contestants of any age, gender and sexuality, favouring unconventional, eccentric, theatrical and drag performances. Logan creates his own Alternative Crown Jewels for the winner.

His unique jewellery pieces are wearable sculptures made with found objects, shards of glass and sometimes precious metals and stones. He creates mosaics pieced together spontaneously with materials he has to hand, without using preliminary sketches, allowing each piece to develop its own personality and charm.

Wing Earrings (1991) are a tactile pair of clip-on earrings in the shape of a pair of wings, made with mosaicked mirror shards, glass beads and glitter. Like all of his earrings, they go together as a pair but they are not identical.

They are mesmerising to look at, evoking thoughts of fairy tales, fantasy, costumes, and parties. They are showy and opulent, yet completely accessible – a celebration of camp-kitsch and queer culture.

Logan’s jewellery pieces are intended to be worn by anyone, embodying the wearer with strength and hope. They are talismans for the modern world, spreading joy and optimism to those who wear and admire his work.

By Ruth Topping, Gallery Assistant, MIMA


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