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Collection Reflection – Mirjam Hiller

24 June 2020 11:30 am

Image credit: Mirjam Hiller b. 1974, Heap of Cubes, 2008, Stainess Steel, PVC, Silver, 105 x 8 x 39 mm


“My jewellery attempts to capture living forms and movement in various materials. Jewellery lives!”

Heap of Cubes is a brooch designed and made by German jeweller Mirjam Hiller. Constructed from a single sheet of white PVC powder coated steel, Mirjam repeatedly hand saws, bends and folds the material into shapes – in this case cubes.

Described as miniature portable abstract sculptures, the artist likes to explore the themes of architecture and nature by observing and absorbing the world around her. Her aim is to create jewellery which, when worn, catches the eye and looks unique, beautiful and exotic. Her pieces are designed to invite people to be curious and want to explore it, collect it and most importantly wear it proudly on their chest.

Metal as a material fascinates Mirjam, by choosing to limit herself to only one material she creates a welcomed challenge which inspires her making process. Stainless steel is the material she works with most frequently as it offers unimaginable possibilities, and despite its lightness has great strength. She describes the process of making her brooches as a voyage of discovery and extremely involving. Each hammer blow and fold leaves a mark on the surface which can not be covered up, leading to highs and lows followed by sheer joy when the desired form it achieved.

Mirjam Hiller is multi-award winning and has won numerous newcomer awards as well as the Inhorgenta Europe Innovation Award and Grassi Award of the Galerie Stavik. She studied at Goldschmiedeschule Pforzheim, Germany (1999-2002) and Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, Canada (2005-2006) before going on to study at Pforzheim University in Pforzheim, Germany (2003-2008). Mirjam currently works from her studio in Hechingen, Germany.

This artwork was acquired through the Northern Rock Foundation Craft Acquisition Scheme.






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