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Collection Reflection: Peter Chang

6 May 2020 2:30 pm

Peter Chang, Bracelet, 2007

The starting point for this bracelet is a block of polystyrene which is meticulously carved into a doughnut form. Peter Chang coats this circular base with layers of liquid resin and embeds pieces of coloured acrylic and laminated polyester into the soft resin. These fragments are pre-heated until they are pliable and easy to mould around the form. An industrial lathe machine is used to shape and polish the bracelet. The lathe rotates the object at speed as Chang passes metal shaping and sanding tools across its surface. This last technique smooths the face to achieve a glassy finish.

Like much of Chang’s jewellery this sculptural work is vibrant and resembles an otherworldly creature. Chang grew up in Liverpool, and his bold colours and elaborate patterning are inspired by the music, art and advertising culture emerging from Liverpool in the 1960s. Chang’s meticulous process takes many months. By working with plastics in this way, he highlights their use as cheap and disposable materials.

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