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Collection Reflection: Riddle in the Room

27 May 2020 11:00 am

Image: : Elisabeth Frink Shearwater 1975, Lithograph

Riddle in the room is an activity used by the MIMA Learning Team to understand, explore and unpick an artwork. It is a piece of creative writing that invites you to imagine you are inside the artwork through a series of prompting questions. The activity helps to create a new narrative and connection with the artwork that is personal to you.

I can see bottomless water rushing below me; alive, blue, and rumbling with life.

I can hear the waves, gaining speed only to crash and dissolve in pure white foam. The call of birds big and small coasting close to the blue. Feathers inches from the blue beckoning from below.

I wish for fins and scales of gold and green. Gills to breathe below; to take an endless breath and down I go…

I can smell salt on the wind and the coldness of the waves

I dream of my nest; so warm and safe, high up in the nook of a cliff so tall you could reach the moon.

I think about what lives below the roar of the waves. Deep down where the blue becomes black and colour no longer makes sense.

I taste of hope and chance. The endless possibilities that only come with the freedom of flight; the joys of exploring the ever changing skies.

I love the ever-changing blue above; my paradise, my playground the endless expanse and air.

I wonder how sad it must be to be stuck on the ground and to always be looking up.

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