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David Lynch Naming

12 December 2014 - 26 March 2015

David Lynch – probably best known as a film and television director – originally studied painting at the Boston Museum School and Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. He has exhibited widely internationally at many prestigious galleries, and is acclaimed in painting, photography, printmaking and drawing. Lynch’s film and television work – such as Eraserhead, The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive and the iconic Twin Peaks – is known for being visually striking, surreal, dream-like, disturbing and beautiful: many of these qualities can be seen in his fine art.

The exhibition traces how Lynch uses ‘naming’ in film, photography, drawings, watercolours, painting and prints from 1968 to the present. The complex relationship between objects and their names has been a point of departure in his work since The Alphabet, the second short film he made as a student in 1968 and shown as part of the exhibition. For Lynch, the act of naming something is never simple: names are not always descriptive of objects in Lynch’s universe. His images and text, working together in unusual ways, create new meanings and a deeper understanding of how language operates.

“For Lynch fans it’s an opportunity to see how his mind works. How he creates unique and complete worlds, how his fascination with consciousness runs through his drawings and films.” – Hannah Duguid, The Independent.

mima is delighted to be the first UK venue to present the exhibition David Lynch Naming, originally shown in Los Angeles, California. It was originally curated for Kayne Griffin Corcoran in Los Angeles, by Brett Littman, Executive Director of The Drawing Center in New York.

*Please note that this exhibition will be showing until 7.00pm on Thursday 26 March, however the de-install will begin at 4.30pm, with visitors welcome to see the exhibition and all its works during this time. This is a unique opportunity to see how we operate behind the scenes. 

Watch Brett Littman discuss the exhibition here in this video:

Credit: Brett Littman, Curator of Naming.  Executive Director of the Drawing Center, New York. Kayne Griffin Corcoran, Los Angeles. Michael Gregory (Filmmaker).

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Image: David Lynch, TV BBQ 2009. Courtesy of the artist and Kayne Griffin Corcoran, Los Angeles. Photography: Brian Forrest.

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