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Map Making

Until 10 November 2019

This interactive wall drawing is a visual portrait of the people who surround us and those who we serve at MIMA.

As part of the ongoing, collaborative project, New Mappings of Europe, our Map Making display asks groups and individuals to reflect upon and respond to broad questions relating to their lives and values.

Their responses create an image of the complex identities that form our region, and contributors are invited to find connections and commonalities. These links reveal common experiences and offer new ways of understanding our rich community.

New Mappings of Europe is a two-year collaborative project of four different art and cultural institutions from Serbia, Slovenia, Austria and the United Kingdom, which will generate knowledge about the migrants’ cultural heritage in Europe and make cultural and art institutions more accessible to local communities of migrants of the first and second generations as well as to the new communities of asylum seekers and refugees.  Further information on the project can be found here




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