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New Linthorpe: The Coffee House


The Coffee House is a mobile workspace for ceramic production devised by artist Emily Hesse and built in collaboration with Rory Hartley, a staff member  here at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (mima). It is establishing the first production pottery in Teesside since the nineteenth century.

The Coffee House is inspired by the Eritrean coffee ceremony and the community’s demonstrated need for objects both functional and spiritual. The activities that take place in this mobile workspace encourage conversations and create opportunities for those affected by displacement to share their experiences.

In a series of workshops, Middlesbrough-based asylum seekers and refugees, along with other Teesside residents, make ceremonial vessels associated with the sharing of food and drink. In June 2016 the mobile workspace will become an open coffee house, and the participants will lead coffee ceremonies using the pieces they produced.

This project has been commissioned by mima through its Creative Community Programme. Further support is provided by Tees Valley Arts through the River Tees Rediscovered initiative.



Artist Emily Hesse, New Linthorpe




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