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New Linthorpe

Ongoing project

In 1879 John Harrison and Christopher Dresser launched Linthorpe Art Pottery on the site occupied by the Sun Brick Works in Middlesbrough. This enterprise aimed to tackle the town’s unemployment, while Dresser’s intention was to produce innovative ceramics through the employment of local clay.

New Linthorpe is a project by the Teesside-based artist Emily Hesse and curator James Beighton that revisits the Linthorpe Art Pottery designs and ethos in creating a new line of ceramics that reflects the character of modern-day Middlesbrough. In Hesse’s words, the undertaking ‘is guided by a belief in not just the ability but also the responsibility of art to make a difference to lives.’ It involves the setting up of a collective kiln and learning activities targeted at groups in Middlesbrough.

Hesse organises making sessions, either here at mima or other venues, or in a portable station that travels across the town, operating in the various communities’ home environments. In these workshops, Hesse gives people lumps of prepared clay – the same that was used to produce Linthorpe Art Pottery – and teaches basic hand-building techniques. The works that are produced are diverse in shape and meaning, but suggests a social use, putting creativity at the heart of ordinary life.

Don’t miss The non-maker in craft event on Monday 18 April, 12.30pm – 5.00pm in Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead. Emily Hesse and James Beighton are taking part in an afternoon of talks that explore the role of the ‘non-maker’.

A selection of works made by the public during Localism, along with works by Emily Hesse can be seen in the Collection Display.

For more information around the event visit.







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