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What's on Wednesday 27th January 2021

Video still from a computer-generated montage includes at the left, a cropped partial image of a young man in a tank top, with face and torso overpainted with digital brushstrokes in blue and green, on top of an orange square layered with a white grid, against a background black and white image of a protest march with a waving flag overpainted with red, yellow, and green stripes.

Collection Reflection: Keith Piper

  Keith Piper, Malta, 1960, Go West Young Man 1996, Single channel video, 3 min 50 sec. Gifted by the artist, 2017.    In this video Keith Piper collages historical and contemporary imagery…

A pot-bellied terracotta coloured vessel with an angled neck which tapers into a gentle point at the upper right. The surface is shadowed with velvety black smoky areas from the kiln firing and burnished to a soft matte gleam.

Collection Reflection: Magdalene Odundo

Image credi:t © Magdalene Odundo. Born in Kenya, 1950 , Vessel, 1983.  Ribbed symmetrical red pot with angled top.   Purchased with assistance from the Victoria and Albert Museum Purchase Grant Fund, 1984/5  Middlesbrough…

A black and white portrait photograph of a young girl with bunches in her hair is layered over an image of a paper collage combining elements cut from fashion magazines – including models’ legs, fragmented vintage drawings of nude women, and designer lipsticks – with fragments of retro floral-patterned fabric designs. The work is embellished with diamante gems.

Collection Reflection: Chila Kumari Singh Burman

Chila Kumari Singh Burman, England, 1957, Self Portrait with Lipsticks 2014 Purchased with assistance from the Victoria and Albert Museum Purchase Grant Fund, 2019 Image courtesy of the artist ©…

three people seated at a table having a conversation with a person online who is visible through a laptop on the desk

Artist Virtual Studio Visit

  ARTIST CALL OUT: Can’t Come to Us? We’ll Come to You Through the Power of a Virtual Studio Visit   We are committed to supporting the ideas, practices and…

An impage of a misty landscape with trees and a faint shape of a figure visible.

Collection Reflection: Brígida Baltar

Brígida Baltar, Mist Collecting # 01 1988, Chromogenic print on paper.  Presented by the Art Fund under Art Fund International    Mist Collecting #01 is part of a series of works ‘Collecting Mist’, a product of an…

A picture of the artists work which is a colourful abstract piece. There is a blue shaped flower surrounded by patterns and shapes with reds, green, yellow and a circular brown shape

Collection Reflection: Gillian Ayres

Gillian Ayres, England, 1920-2018, Composition 1964. Pastel on paper.  Purchased with assistance from the Victoria & Albert Museum Purchase Grant Fund    Gillian Ayres was an English painter who lived from 1930 to 2018…

A balloon shaped white stoneware vase with subtle green flecks of details. It is rounded at the base and tapers at the top.

Collection Reflection: Betty Blandino

Betty Blandino, England, 1927-2011  Balloon Vase 1990s Stoneware    Betty Blandino worked as an art gallery director and teacher prior to studying art at Goldsmith’s College, London from 1957.  It was during this time that she studied…

A roughly textured stoneware vessel with dark brown black surface and streaks of orange

Collection Reflection: Sara Radstone

Image © Sara Radstone  Sara Radstone, England, 1955 . Ceramic Form 1980s. Glazed stoneware     Sara Radstone was born in 1955 in London. She is a leading British ceramic artist with a career spanning nearly 40 years. Her…

A figure with arms raised accompanied by a dog stand at a beach shoreline facing the sea whilst a flock of birds fly overhead in the dark sky

Collection Reflection: Hilda Bernstein

Image: Courtesy of MIMA © Hilda Bernstein  Hilda Bernstein, England, 1915-2006. Sealine date unknown.  Etching on Paper    This piece is written by Kingsley Hall in response to work by Hilda…

A spherical ceramic form sits on top of an angular clay slab. The object is grey, yellow and brown with bold ribbon-like yellow markings and dark coloured marks and lines across the surface

Collection Reflection: Gordon Baldwin

Gordon Baldwin, England, 1932, Sculptural Form 1984 ,Stoneware  Image: Courtesy of MIMA © Gordon Baldwin    Gordon Baldwin is a ceramic artist whose practice explores the tantalising nature of the hand-built vessel. Using clay…

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