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Research and Development Workshop: Trade as Public Space: Art and Economy

16 March 2016 2:00 pm - 16 March 2016 5:00 pm

Kathrin Böhm is a London-based artist that explores collaborative making through methods of common production and usage. Her session addresses how art-led formats of manufacturing and trade can be used in the formation of civic space, exploring the relationship between art and the economy. She discusses her ongoing and recent projects, which employ and construct collective and publicly accessible economic realities.

“For me the decision to become an artist was about being able to negotiate ideas and values in public without having to represent a particular body or ideology or profession. To become involved with art and its relation to economy is exactly rooted there, in the concept that public space is the place where we articulate, show and offer ideas and goods in order to pass them on through agreements and exchange. You can call it the market place, but instead of further abstracting it in my work, I’m not focusing on the actuality of the possible here and now.”

This free Research and Development Workshop takes place in our Office of Useful Art. The sessions aim to foster connections, with current debates in the field and build local collaborative professional networks.

British and international artists and curators will join us to discuss ways in which creativity can address social issues through an examination of contemporary projects or historical cases of socially engaged art and curatorial practice.


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