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Viva Talbot Steel Making

16 July 2010 - 14 November 2010
Viva Talbot, Boring at the coal face in one of the Durham Collieries c.1930.Woodblock Print. Images copyright The Hardy Family

Steel Making contains 15 woodblock prints of scenes from local venues made by Viva Talbot in the 1930s.

Viva Talbot (1900-1983) was the daughter of Benjamin Talbot, Managing Director of both the Cargo Fleet Iron Company and the South Durham Steel and Iron Company.

Viva Talbot was allowed privileged access to the steelworks and her prints are a look into the internal workings of the industry so much in decline today.

The works were discovered by Dr. Joan Heggie, Project Manager for the British Steel Archive Project and Research Fellow, University of Teesside in 2005 who has worked closely with mima in the realisation of this exhibition.

A special series of talks have been organised focusing on Middlesbrough’s local history, heritage and industry, Click Here

The British Steel Archive Project
BBC Inside Out Viva Talbot

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